Fight with depression

I’ve wondered about the hormones too. I am 45. My doctor is no
help, she just says “you’re too young for that” but my understanding
is it can start early. My mom said she did. I have little faith in
doctors sometimes.

I would be very interested in info on herbs. I tried St. John’s Wort
but it seemed to make me short of breath at night, which is one of my
anxiety symptoms. I tried um, oh can’t think of the name right
now…but it didn’t help either. I took Buspar about 10 years ago
for anxiety, and it really helped a lot. But I do have pretty mild
symptoms. I have found that caffeine exacerbates my shortness of
breath also, and just cutting back on it has helped somewhat.

I had a friend who had been clean and sober for about 10 years, and
was a rehab counselor. She had a difficult time of it too. She told
me several times that she could help others easier than it was to
care for herself.


Catherine about Arthritis

I had surgery last March to tighten the ligaments and tendons of my
right hand knuckles as well as some synovectomy work. Before surgery I
was wearing a custom made orthotic to hold my fingers up as the tendons
were so loose my fingers were all deviated to the right. Now my fingers
are back in line and I can function quite normally. By normal I mean
that both my hands are at about half normal strength. I know this
because I saw the figures at the physio’s about strength for my age and
sex and have used their instruments to measure mine. I have done hand
exercises to try to improve strength but could not see much change. I’m
just glad to be pain free now.
Since I’ve been out of work for over a year now I decided I had to do
something so I started a support group with the help of The Arthritis
Society here in Toronto. I also started an exercise class for people
with arthritis. Believe me this is very new to me but the Red Cross here
has volunteer leadership programs so I took one as well as CPR.
I will be leading my second class tonight. This is just my way of giving
back to so many who have helped me deal with this disease.

Hope you all have a good day.